Mindmapping intro at The Really Free School, London

It is rare that one gets to do what one loves and that it is loved by others and that it is abundantly rewarded.

Firstly, I loved the idea of The Really Free School: A self-organising collective of people who take-over otherwise unused properties (within strict, ethical guidelines) for limited and unspecified durations for the purposes of hosting educational activities.

Although the venues change, the school maintains a consistent identity.

The ‘official’ session was engaging and interactive and we were able to cover alot of ground in a short time. Whilst packing-up, a number of students for the French literature class began arriving. They were curious about the remnants of our mindmapping session and, before I knew it, we were in the middle of another, impromptu mindmapping training session!

I had to apologise to the French teacher who I found in another part of the building, wondering where his students were.

A couple of nice quotes from the participants:

“the session was very enjoyable and well planned into timed parts of active learning and parts of context/explanations/examples…. i came with some knowledge of the mindmapping technique anyway, but attending the session gave me more confidence in its usefulness as part of a range of note-taking/idea-generating tool…. you were well organised with resources and material, and i never saw anyone with so many pens for people to use…” – Kevin Molin, Teacher.

“Really enjoyed your session and am quite sold on mind mapping.
Many thx for the Freeschool mindmapping ‘lesson’, inspirational” – Fiddian Warman Director, Soda


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