My story…

So. I was an actor who found himself both partially disabled in a motorcycle accident and about to become a father.

Prompted by the need to learn a new trade that wouldn’t need me to be very physically fit while I recovered, I studied an Advanced Diploma in High Technology for Computer Aided Design at the Central School of Speech and Drama.

This led to working with a pioneering virtual scenery organisation based in West London where I worked with many of the UK’s greatest theatres and producers on some of the most famous shows in the world.

Living in a small flat and aspiring to something more for my growing family (we now found ourselves with two further children), I was lured toward IT by tales of large consultant fees and so then ‘did IT’ for a few years.

It was while managing the IT-crowd team of a global industrial giant that I implemented eLearning to solve our skills gap. I had never quite found the time to take those supposedly all-important Microsoft exams and was now fully addicted to my 60-hour+ working week.

It was then that I had my sword-in-the-stone moment:
Our LMS (Learner Management System) had been playing-up and late, one Friday night I rolled up my sleeves, lifted up the bonnet and started working through the layers of the system.  I was amazed at how simple is the architecture of an LMS.

What an amazing journey had begun. I have since worked with and for some of the world’s most outstanding people and global organisations on many ambitious and pioneering learning technology projects culminating in my proposition that it is possible to create learning frameworks and methodologies that help nurture wisdom within organisations – a wisdom architecture.

On the way I have experienced the ‘large consultant salaries’ and also the decline of business collapse in latter years.

Did the high salaries make me happier? – No.

Was the collapse of the business the end of the world? – No.

Do I wish I had spent more time making and nurturing friendships than working in the lab? – Definitely

And, through it all, my true passion and the-thing-that-I-am-made-to-do is theatre.

The people that are my people are those that have a passion to extend, explore and deepen what it is to be human.

The conversations that I most enjoy are about Shakespeare, Meisner, narrative, learning and context.

The tool I most enjoy working with is a great story, not a laptop.

After a day in an office at a desk I feel stir-crazy, exhausted and fit for only eating and an early night. After twelve hours of practice of human activity I feel energised, alive and ready to share my energy with family and friends.

And so now for the next, new journey…


About Lawrence O'Connor

Learning about Wisdom All things learning technology, eLearning, storytelling, creative learning, facilitation, workshops, mindmapping and Open Space Technology.
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2 Responses to My story…

  1. Wow, this in itself is a wonderful story! Looking forward
    to your next plans…

    • Thank you Hans. And thank you for bearing with me while I work in my chrysalis. Currently still mainly molecular soup but I hope to emerge and further our dialogue in the very near future. L

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