What I Learned About Immersive Learning in 2010

Outcomes of my exploration, experimentation and analysis of 3D immersive experiences with respect to learning include:
– an understanding that it is the *immersion* that is important.

– ‘immersion’ is not dependent on the number of spacial dimension involved.

– Effective immersive experiences can be achieved in 2 dimensions, 3 dimensions or none.

– Interacting within a 3 dimensional environment (virtual or otherwise) does not necessarily increase the quotient of immersion unless it enhances the factors that contribute to an immersive experience.

– Some of the factors that contribute to an immersive experience include:
> Story
> Narrative
> Context
> Persona
> Meaning
> Elements to stimulate visceral response e.g. risk, surprise & challenge etc
> One place to look to observe these factors at work in a 3D environment is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game): http://www.mmorpg.com/

– An understanding of the concept of the internet evolving to ‘immernet’ (Knapp et al): environments that we participate within, via personas, from Facebook to Unreal.


About Lawrence O'Connor

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