Invitation to join an engaging exercise..

There have now been sufficient positive responses to the invitation to Let’s Get Visceral in the Immernet to be able to proceed!

Overview of the exercise:

– Purpose:
Open-ended, however I am hoping to gain some or all of the following:
To explore & analyse the criteria, experience, qualities and value of:
-‘visceral’ engagement.
– Some of the learning archetypes at work, particularly Avatar Persona & Role Play
– Noticing the comparitive degrees of immersion, suspension of disbelief (#SoD), narrative and reflection between interacting via my avatar in the first or 3rd person e.g. through its eyes or watching it (as ‘a highly vested voyuer’ Learning in 3D p.93).
– I think the intellectual aspects of immersive learning are becoming clearer as we progress. I am interested in further unfolding more of an understanding of the ’emotional’ in the ‘emotional & intellectual investment’  ibid p.92.
Noticing the interplay of the learning domains of Agency, Exploration, Experience & Connectedness.
What else would you like to suggest…

– Platform: Quake Live mmolrp platform ( ).
The reasons for choosing this platform for the excercise are as follows:
– Cost
– Works via browser
– Life ‘n’ death: there is alot at stake for you as your avatar and your team.
– Convincing graphics.

– At least two sessions will be played
1)Team Deathmatch
2)Capture the flag

– We will use also communicate via live audio through the Shell Meetme bridge.

– Following the sessions there will be a discussion and brief report to feed back into the Lin3Drg group

– Next steps:
1. Sign up at
2. Create your avatar
3. Take the 20-30 minute guided tutorial
4. Indicate your preferred days/time for participation at: – All welcome!


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