Fountains and Waterfalls

As a very young child I discovered that, by moving my eyes in the direction of the flow of a fountain or a waterfall at the same speed of the flowing water, the shapes and patterns of the water appears to be still – frozen in time. If you haven’t tried this yourself, I recommend it. It takes a bit of practise but is worth it!

I realised that I have continued this principle into my adult, professional life.

Just like the cascading waterfall an organisation, its processes, people, structures and interactions can seem chaotic and without pattern and shape. 

To understand it and the problems that need help I find myself entering a very similar mental state as the young boy and his fountains and waterfalls. It sometimes takes significant time, effort and self-discipline to find and maintain the right level and perspective of ‘engaged detachment’ but, eventually,  there occur the same, great moments when shapes, patterns and rhythms are revealed. And, so captured, articulated, worked-on and new patterns created.


About Lawrence O'Connor

Learning about Wisdom All things learning technology, eLearning, storytelling, creative learning, facilitation, workshops, mindmapping and Open Space Technology.
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